Upgrading CP3 to CP4

Mike Shade

I am upgrading, or putting back on the 1600 the CP4 controller (had the CP3 on there, don't quite recall why I did that).  The CP4was used on the same mount, same location and should have that information already in it from previous use.


I know that the PEC curve will be invalid.  I am also assuming that the park position for the CP3 will be invalid (I set one through the AP driver, I do not use a predefined park position) and that the mount will have no idea where it is pointing with the new controller.  This system is used as an automated system, run through ACP/Sky 6/ASCOM V2 driver.  I do not run with the hand pad connected


I have read the documentation on using a CP4 for the first time, this is a slightly different scenario.  I'm thinking that I can slew with the hand pad to a known star, synch so it knows where it is, and then retrain the PEC curve....Yes/no?




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