Re: GTO Keypad Freezes Problem

Terry Johnson <tjohnson@...>

Bob, when you speak of undervoltage, when do you consider the voltage to be too low. My 88 amp battery with all the systems connected puts out 12.8 volts when the battery is fully charged to 12.2 volts after six hours of usage.

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Hi Terry,

Something like this has happened to me several times. I narrowed it
down to undervoltage, and since fixing that, it's ok.

Bob Kuberek

Terry Johnson wrote:

Marj, I spoke with Roland about a problem I was having with my 600GTO mount. The problem centers around the GTO keypad. I have explained the problem below in more detail. Would you please see that he gets this information. I will also provide a printed copy when I send you the equipment he requested.

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