Re: Tracking and guiding with PHD2 and the Mach2 encoder mount

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

The first google search results for "lodestar bin phd2 guider" gives the PHD2 team recommendation for dealing with a Lodestar:!topic/open-phd-guiding/ujCHdIzGi5U

When you select "Fixed Binning" in the  ASCOM driver, the driver is essentially reporting to PHD2 that the camera does not bin and that it has large (2x) pixels.  This will work fine.  However, using the fixed binning option in the ASCOM driver is not necessary for PHD2.  I think a better way would be to de-select the fixed binning option in the ASCOM driver and use the binning selection on the camera tab in the brain in PHD2 to select the binning value. The binning option on the camera tab will not be present until you connect the camera in PHD2 since phd2 needs to be connected to the camera to check the available bin modes.

PHD2 can control the binning for the SX camera when you connect using the ASCOM driver or when you connect using the built-in driver, Starlight Xpress SXV.

The PHD2 team expends a great deal of time helping people getting all kinds of equipment working so I would recommend contacting them when you are unsure how to best use their software.  They are a true treasure for the astronomy community and I would wager a very large fraction of AP owners are using PHD2 so it is good that people at AP are learning how to use it.

Michael Fulbright

On 5/14/19 2:42 PM, alexander.helms@... [ap-gto] wrote:

"The main difference I see between the two programs is that Maxim shows a round star in the guider box, PHD2 shows an oblong star, longer in the vertical direction. I believe this is caused by the Lodestar exhibiting the Venetian Blind effect with PHD2, which can be eliminated in MaximDL."

Just exactly how did you come to that conclusion? What data supports your argument? The camera has nothing do with how PHD processes the data. How could it possibly produce some sort of affect in one piece of software and not another. If you are concerned about the centroiding algorithm used by PHD you're free to look at the source code on github to see how they do it.

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