Re: Mach 1 tracking problem

Bruce Donzanti

Understood but I contacted George via email and he is trying to help and requested the 5 min exposure you looked at.  Probably better to call next time as things through email can sometimes move an issue along at a snails pace.  Also, It is not your long-winded explanations.  In fact, some of those are the best and incredibly helpful and yes, I understand you know this stuff better than most.  In fact, I expect that and that is why I am asking for help on your mount that I bought and was thinking of getting a heavier one for my observatory.   However, I sometimes get vibes from your responses like, boy, you are an idiot.  Well, I can do the same thing if you ask me questions about what I do in my profession.  And maybe the signals I picked up are misguided and if so, I apologize for that.  That is why I also asked on CNs, realizing the danger of getting advice from someone who knows even less than me.  

Anyway, I prefer to move on and a less learned for me: call AP first and take it from there.

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