Re: Mach 1 tracking problem

Roland Christen

A really good way to figure out whether the mount is tracking is to do an analysis of several worm periods to see whether PE correction is working or not. Pempro is probably the most effective way to analyze a mount's performance. Offsetting the azimuth axis and taking an image of RA trailing over a period of 15 - 20 minutes is another. There are other ways too (Google can help).

Best way is to be your own investigator and then post the results. Just saying that you have trailing stars gives zero clue as to where the problem may be.


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No guiding.  Never need to.  Only doing short exposures- like 30-60 sec stacks

I emailed George several emails with pics of the images and my setup hoping that would help. Very strange that this all of a sudden just started happening.  Scope is up over 12 ft on a pier and nothing was changed.

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Over the past 2 nights I am getting very bad trailing stars.
Are you guiding? If so, what is your guider graph telling you?


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Over the past 2 nights I am getting very bad trailing stars.  I've checked all of the usual possible problems: balance, cables, and PA all seem fine.  Clutches are tight and all connections tight.  I tried two cameras to ensure that was not the problem.  I am out of ideas.  My C11" is on the Mach 1 on a steel pier well above ground and has been working fine.  Stacking will occur but getting elongated stars.  Other suggestions?

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