Re: Mach 1 tracking problem

Bruce Donzanti

No guiding.  Never need to.  Only doing short exposures- like 30-60 sec stacks

I emailed George several emails with pics of the images and my setup hoping that would help. Very strange that this all of a sudden just started happening.  Scope is up over 12 ft on a pier and nothing was changed.

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Over the past 2 nights I am getting very bad trailing stars.
Are you guiding? If so, what is your guider graph telling you?


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Over the past 2 nights I am getting very bad trailing stars.  I've checked all of the usual possible problems: balance, cables, and PA all seem fine.  Clutches are tight and all connections tight.  I tried two cameras to ensure that was not the problem.  I am out of ideas.  My C11" is on the Mach 1 on a steel pier well above ground and has been working fine.  Stacking will occur but getting elongated stars.  Other suggestions?

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