How to slew using protocol commands to Park position 3



I am controlling AP1100 with absolute encoders from C++ code by sending commands to virtual COM port.

Everything seems to work, but one thing.

I try to park the mount in position 3 (parallel to polar axis, counterweight down).

Issuing commands Sz ..# Sa ..#:MS# with values for Az and Alt that APCC shows in this parked position results in correct DEC --- close to 89:59:... but after the mount goes to correct position, it waits a bit and then starts changing RA so that the final position after has the counterweight at about 45 degrees to vertical.

In all positions fat from polar, slewing using Sz , Sa  or Sd .. Sr seems to work just fine.

What is the trick to parking in position 3?  Is there there some magic sequence of commands to move mount to that postion ?



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