GOTO accuracy for stars vs DSOs


Greetings, I use a Mach 1GTO with several scopes ranging from 4-5" refractors to an 11" Edge.  regardless of the scope I use, I find my initial GOTO to be off.  I use the RAPA scope and routinely take 30min subs with round stars and decent FWHM values (with all scopes), so PA seems pretty good.  With the FSQ 106-especially at F3, GOTO accuracy is irrelevant as the FOV is so big, the initial star (focus) is somewhere in the FOV--not so the TOA 130 at F7.7 and especially not the C11Edge.  I find myself having to hunt for the first focus star--sometimes for 45min to an hour.  Its frustrating.  Once I have it, and tell the planetarium program it's centered--subsequent moves are pretty good.  But I invariably run into the same difficulty after a meridian flip--I have to hunt for the star (or target).  A guidescope helps with the TOA 130, as I can use it as a photographic finder that has a wide FOV--so the star is typically in or very close to the guidescope  FOV.  But with the c11Edge--a guidescope is not preferable.  

Any suggestions?

Thanks Rodd

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