Re: INDI or ASCOM Alpaca?

E. Wheeler


Thank you for your considered response. I definitely missed the part where you offered to help develop the INDI driver or at least a cross platform one. Wouldn't a closed driver as you propose be in contradiction with open source community and guidelines? I honestly don't not know. If you have started this process I implore you to continue this route.

I can not answer for the INDI developers not wanting to give up and use windows, but I am willing to go out a limb and would guess it is because they do not want to use windows. Is there a way to find out how many AP users use windows only for acquisition of data, but do everything else on another platform? 

As for not wanting to run windows? I can speak for myself and say that I use the NUC with W10pro because of its low power (consumption) and it allows me a path to use my mount natively. I did not chose to run windows, it was the only choice. I am not alone on this front. The number and length of threads on CN about how to do Astrophotography with a Mac is not inconsequential add the threads about not using windows in general, and the ones that outright say avoid W10 at all costs speaks to the desire to have other options. Being a Mac user since the early 80's, I would obviously prefer the option to run everything on my Mac. Based on your response, that's probably not ever going to happen. Though not perfect, I would and do settle for INDI. I also understand that this is a business and AP and developers like yourself need to make a living (or at least not lose your shirt) and INDI/Linux/Open source challenge the model that has been around for a long time. Apple embraced UNIX a long time ago and frankly as far as I am concerned, that was the best move they ever made. They continue to make a decent amount of money. 

I really can't speak for Michael, but what I gathered was that he was not super excited by the recent release of the document because it was implied in this thread that more would be opened and when he compared it to the older release, he couldn't find anything new except the title. I am paraphrasing his comment from the INDI forum, and he did ask the other developers if there was anything he missed in his assessment. It would be great if he was incorrect in his assessment and there actually is plenty new in the release to allow a more robust INDI driver to be developed. 

I would never push to abandon the vast majority of the user base, I am only hoping that there is a way to embrace the rest of us. ALPACA doesn't seem to solve this desire. It will still need a device that runs windows and essentially offers a translation layer over the internet (or private network?) from what I gather. It's a software dongle. This really doesn't sound that awesome and actually may make things less reliable. How would I run APCC pro or PEMPro on my mac via ALPACA? As it stands I use microsoft remote desktop on my iMac to control the headless NUC that rides the OTA. This way I can run CCDI, PEMPro, Voyager or NINA or SGP. How would ALPACA be different? I don't think you are proposing to develop a native mac version of PEMPro and SGP developers said absolutely not? If this isn't the case then what is ALPACA really doing that is different than what I do now? Clearly I am not a software developer and I have most likely missed some critical items. Please feel free to educate me if you find the time or inclination.


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