Re: INDI or ASCOM Alpaca?

E. Wheeler

I just did a poll in my household of how many people like their last name.... Looks like were not changing it.

I can pretty much guarantee if you pose this 'INDI or Alpaca' question on the INDI forum you won't get one person in support of the closed model you are using or apparently pursuing. You might get a better read of the interest on CN, if you truly want to know what people think. I don't mean to be rude and I actually find your software products quite useful, but you can't be serious if you think this poll represents the total user base of AP mounts or even the total potential user base of new customers. I purchased my AP mount in spite of the OS that it is linked to, because I felt it was a better mechanical product than what I was comparing it against. The SB mounts have native support on 3 operating systems. For me, they don't need to be open source because they give a choice.

This poll really seems to be not much more than confirmation bias and definitely a bit disingenuous. If AP had absolutely no intention to open the driver up, why ask? I ask this earnestly. It seems to only have opened a sore spot and potentially alienated potential new mount customers. Furthermore, I am not sure this approach offers any data that could be valuable as marketing research either. 

I look forward to seeing where the ALPACA leads us. Hopefully it will mean I can operate my 1100 mount without windows... at all, anywhere in my system. Otherwise I do not see the point of it and perhaps just continuing the development of current products is a better use of resources. 


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