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Charles, just a guess but I would expect that if this is the first time you put a scope on that mount that you had a 50/50 chance of putting the objective on the same end of the saddle as the previous owner. That would certainly have it pointing the wrong way (and probably CW's up).

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Hi everyone, I was recently fortunate enough to purchase a lightly used AP900 CP2. It appears to have some upgrades including the fork/base and declination motor (maybe). I called Astro-Physics for some information on the mount and they were very helpful.  Any information on things to look for would be greatly appreciated for an instrument of this age. I purchased the AP grease kit so I can regrease and mesh the worms correctly. 

Last night I had the first chance to get the mount out under the stars for the first time!  I only had two problems. The first was when I had the mount slew to an object in the East the mount would point West instead!  I double checked my time zone, location and didn't have North South switch backwards. This was easily fixed with a plate solve and sync to the mount from Sequence Generator Pro but I don't know why it's backwards on the initial go-to.  Also, the guiding was very rough most of the night with PHD2 which I wasnt expecting. Some info on my setup is below. Thanks!

Location Nashville, TN area

*Polar aligned and unpark from level position 4
*AP900 CP2
*Serial to USB to laptop running V2 ASCOM and SGP
*127mm APO refractor
*80mm guidescope
*ASI1600MM Pro imaging camera
*ASI290MM mini guide camera
*HD tripod (for initial testing)

I'm sure there is some information I'm forgetting but wanted to introduce myself to the group and say thank you in advance!


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