Re: INDI or ASCOM Alpaca?

Ray Gralak

So what do people hope will see happen with increased support for Alpaca or INDI?

For example:

1. Just document the specs and let the LINUX and Mac developers figure it out?

(I think developers may be disappointed with this because most of the cool features in APCC require a lot of work that will not be included in command specs and many features don't use any of the undocumented commands)

2. More MAC and LINUX applications?

3. Ability to run APCC and other apps on a Raspberry Pi 3 or other small low power computer?

4. Have the ability from ASCOM applications on Windows to talk to standalone Alpaca devices?

5. Have the ability from ASCOM applications on Windows to talk to devices on other computers running LINUX or Mac/OSX?

6. Other things?

-Ray Gralak
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I agree, Michael, if the mount commands are fully documented, A-P can devote their resources to whatever they
see fit, and if something new pops up or A-P's choice doesn't fit their needs, then people will be able to write the
software that does what they need. Making information like that available fosters an environment where people can
create new innovative solutions. That's good for AP and the users.


On 4/27/2019 12:52 AM, Michael Fulbright [ap-gto] wrote:

If sources are available for the Alpaca driver it would be a possible option.

Alternately I would just prefer adequate documentation to allow users to implement solutions to meet their
use cases.

Is Alpaca even something that is realistic in the next year or two?

Michael Fulbright

On 4/26/19 8:38 PM, 'Ray Gralak (Groups)' [ap-gto] wrote:

Hello all,

Of those users wishing for a non-Windows support for your mount, which platform would you prefer
Astro-Physics to devote resources?

INDI or ASCOM Alpaca?

INDI has been around for some time and runs on LINUX and MAC OSX and Windows. ASCOM
Alpaca is still in the early stages of development. There are no significant applications that work on LINUX or MACs,
and there may not be for some time.

However, ASCOM Alpaca is modular as opposed to INDI's monolithic design. Once drivers are
available Alpaca devices can be standalone (over the network or wifi) or on another computer. I believe INDI only
works on the computer it is running unless the device has a network interface.

There may be other advantages or disadvantages to INDI or ASCOM Alpaca. Please contribute your
knowledge or preferences if you are interested in this topic.

-Ray Gralak
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