Re: INDI or ASCOM Alpaca?

Craig Anderson

I think continued ASCOM support is essential. My vote is for ASCOM Alpaca. 

Thanks for asking!


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Hello all,

Of those users wishing for a non-Windows support for your mount, which platform would you prefer Astro-Physics to devote resources?

INDI or ASCOM Alpaca?

INDI has been around for some time and runs on LINUX and MAC OSX and Windows. ASCOM Alpaca is still in the early stages of development. There are no significant applications that work on LINUX or MACs, and there may not be for some time.

However, ASCOM Alpaca is modular as opposed to INDI's monolithic design. Once drivers are available Alpaca devices can be standalone (over the network or wifi) or on another computer. I believe INDI only works on the computer it is running unless the device has a network interface.

There may be other advantages or disadvantages to INDI or ASCOM Alpaca. Please contribute your knowledge or preferences if you are interested in this topic.

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