Re: re greasing worm wheel on 1100GTO original gearbox.

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Harry,
    Good lead for AeroShell Grease-33.
May be a bit pricey – I paid $20 Canadian a few years ago, for the same thing, so it should be around US$15.
    Of course, the shipping would have to be by land, since it is illegal to ship “fuel” as cargo by air. I’m sure airport X-rays would flag it as hazardous material, if they tried, since it looks and smells (to chemical sniffers) like a bomb.
    If you zoom in on the tube base in that Amazon ad, you will notice the “manufacture date”. This must be an old 2014 picture (hopefully), but make sure what you buy, and before they ship, is no more than a year older than the printed date. The 2014 product would now be a year past its best-before date. Otherwise, you may be getting “stale dated grease”, from somebody unloading their old stock that can.t be legally sold to real aircraft maintenance mechanics.

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