Re: More misinformation on C.N.

Chad A

What misinformation Rolando?  I'm happy to correct the record.  And I never claimed to be an expert.  The only misinformation was the person who said the encoders have an accuracy of .019" - he thought that was tracking accuracy (others have said this too). You have no problem with that misinformation.

The accompanying spec sheet you referred to contains just the SDE and graduation error it sounds like.  As I stated in the CN post, that's negligible.  So you're saying there's zero or near zero installation error?  That's all that you needed to say - in that case, that's impressive and I'll gladly state that on CN.  The Renishaw spec sheet does in fact say on a typical installation, installation error is about 4 times greater than SDE + graduation error combined - so it's clearly a difficult obstacle to overcome.

I also clearly stated how the +/- 2.69" SDE & graduation error is over a 24 hour period, and that you've said it's .25" per hour.  I'm not sure what you think I didn't understand there.

Easy up on being so defensive.  Not every post on CN is out to get you.

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