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If I were you I’d put that top dovetail rail back on the scope. It’s needed for rigidity. Celestron doesn’t put top dovetail rails on any of their scopes except for the RASA 11” and RASA 14”. And the reason they go to the added expense and weight on the two larger RASA scopes is to hold them in optical alignment.

I got this from a Celestron engineer the last time I was at Celestron World Headquarters in Torrance, CA. I was looking at a row of RASA 11” scopes awaiting final alignment and asked about the top dovetail rail. And he told me they needed it.


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I'm using the RASA 11 on the Mach1. I removed the top dovetail from the scope as it adds a bit over 6 lbs. I still have a large dual ADM saddle bar with a 80mm guidescope on it with the RASA. I felt it may be maxing out the mount but works fine. I can't remember exactly, but I have two 21lb losmandy weights on the bar and a AP weight (I forget maybe it's a 9lb? and another losmandy about 7 lb. 58 lbs of weight? ish.
Here's a photo <> &_nc_eui2=AeGAa5I08bKCHkmEi0WpuKNIHYvtlZpftJC6rXqq9iXk8HfEfXaJiJ-5-865iV7dQWJdozfYj2IH62-f-xaGfjsSiH6sLyg7ZLVI6OQ21Z8bFQ&_nc_oc=AQl3n2JxFOyqGlRyPwIJc71Q4IojNeFQBZIZY5W7bzHfh9mxv-Hg3flyi_L1xV3-cyQ&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-1.xx&oh=e27ba638b87f1f924b4f4f4c4048a6dc&oe=5D4228C2

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Hi Rolando/Tom,

Thanks for your comments! At the end it seems that it wouldn't be a good idea to pair the RASA11 with the AP Mach1.

I will continue exploring options!



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