Re: ...and daytime polar alignment

Mike Dodd

On 4/21/2019 10:13 AM, Tyrel Smith [ap-gto] wrote:

Just a thought. Instead of the level, why not just put marks on the RA
and dec axis so you always know where an accurate park position is?
Seems much more repeatable then eyeballing a level each time.
I'd be hard-pressed to match the accuracy of the machinist's level with tape or a mark.

The 21.5 arcsec accuracy of the level translates to about 0.0005 inches on the perimeter of the RA housing. 50 micro-inches! That's about 1/50 the thickness of a human hair.

I think I'll stick with my machinist's level. 8^)


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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