Re: External wiring method for your imaging equipment

jon swanson

Thanks for this helpful info.  Out of curiosity, what diameter cable wrap did you use?

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Hello Astronuts,

I uploaded a number of images in the following folder which shows my preferred method of wiring astro-gear to the mount. This type of external loop is very flexible in that you can add as many cables as you need for cameras, dew heaters and other stuff that you need to power on top of your mount. It is the only method approved by new Mexico Skies, since they don't want to deal with internal cable problems that inevitably arise.

Go to the above folder to see the various images I posted. If you have any questions, please ask.

The way I attach my cables prevents any possibility of snags, even when I start my scopes under the mount with counterweights up. I can slew to any position in the sky without ever having cables catch on anything. Some people attach a separate bar to the cradle plate which guides the cable back away from the mount. That works very well. What you don't want to do is just let the cable drop straight down from the back of the camera.

The bottom of the cable is attached to the pier via a 1/4-20 bolt using plastic cable tie. I wrapped mine in a plastic wire sleeve, which you can get at Graingers in any length.


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