Re: External wiring method for your imaging equipment

Joe Zeglinski

    I assume that the AP mount “cable tunnel” is wide enough that the cables are “somewhat slack”, and aren’t  all running parallel, packed tightly together,  but only touching sporadically along the path. Tightly packed, cable-to-cable sheathes might be a problem, as in your coil sleeved bundle.
I think, the “Inverse square law” applies to signal crosstalk between tightly wrapped cables, here.
    But it is encouraging that your harness  has not found this to be a serious problem. Higher speed, USB-3 cameras might prove otherwise.  Certainly worth a shot.

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So there would be absolutely NO  concern with cross-talk between the modulated square wave that some (or all) dew heaters operate with, or with the focus motor’s stepper signals, and the CCD image download data in its USB cable – in your fairly tight cable harness?
That is contrary to other’s advice on mixing cables.
Nope, never seen any effects. What do you think happens inside a mount when you have all those cables running next to each other, snaked down the middle of two axes?


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