Re: External wiring method for your imaging equipment

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rolando,
    Interesting reply on “bunching focuser and heater cables”,  shared with a CCD camera USB cable.
    So there would be absolutely NO  concern with cross-talk between the modulated square wave that some (or all) dew heaters operate with, or with the focus motor’s stepper signals, and the CCD image download data in its USB cable – in your fairly tight cable harness?
That is contrary to other’s advice on mixing cables.
    Perhaps a USB-3 CCD cable, though thicker and less flexible than USB-2, especially when cold, would provide better noise shielding from any others sharing such tight bundled quarters.

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Looks very neat and a great example of tidy cabling. But I'm wondering whether you use an electric focuser and dew heaters as well. If so, how do you cable them neatly?
Just bunch them all together and hang just one cable down.


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