Re: ASCOM driver properties file?

W Hilmo

There is a way to save and load settings (under the file menu, see “save settings as” and “load settings”).


I use this to switch between my two mounts.  Would it not also work to move the settings between two machines?


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    Since this question about maintaining or recovering APCC Settings on changing PC’s etc.  has come up so often, perhaps there can be a command option to TRANSFER or IMPORT CURRENT APCC SETTINGS. I realize that given enough knowledge, it is already an easy task, but perhaps a specific command would simplify it.




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Hi Mike,

> I'm preparing to replace my observatory PC, and would like to copy the
> the ASCOM driver's settings for my AP1200 to the new computer.
> Is there a file I can copy that contains things like lat/long, slew
> rate, park position, etc.?

Yes, it is C:\ProgramData\Astro-Physics\Settings.apdb

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