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The two refractors you are looking at are similar, but not identical, and the
differences in weight and tube length may be enough to make a difference in how
they perform on a small mount such as the AP 400. The 5" f/8 TAK weighs 16.5
lbs. and has an OTA that is a little over 40 inches long. The 5.1" Starfire
(the f/6 version) is 15 lbs. and the OTA is just under 30 inches long.

I used the AP 400 quite successfully for astrophotography with my AP 130 mm f/6
and a SBIG ST-8e/color filter wheel combination... that's an additional 3 lbs.
hanging off the end. (Most of the images on my web site were acquired with that
combination.) However, for photography, it required careful balancing and no
more wind than a slight breeze.

I now have the AP 600 and it is a much better platform for astrophotography with
my setup. You can certainly use the AP 400 with the AP 5.1" scope - especially
for visual use. That will be no problem at all. Your "problem" is that you are
already looking at larger scopes: the TAK CN-212 weighs 19 lbs. and it's OTA is
34" long. Add a nice eyepiece like one of the large f.o.v. Naglers and you are
easily in the 20 + lb. category. I think that would be pushing the capacity of
the AP 400... perhaps not for visual use on calm nights, but for photography
will be problematic (should you get bitten by the bug).

Caveat: For a permanent observatory, buy the largest mount you can afford; for
a portable observatory, buy the largest mount you can afford to lug around.

Larry Denmark
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Subject: [ap-gto] Tak EM-200 v. A-P 400gto

I have the opportunity to purchase an A-P 400gto, and I am wondering how
stable it is as compared to a Takahashi EM-200. Although I hope eventually
to acquire a 130 Starmaster, if my number ever comes up, I am also thinking
about a Takahashi FS128 or perhaps even a CN-212 both of which Takahashi
recommends be used with the EM-200. I am interested only in visual not
photographic use.

Perhaps the 600gto is more directly comparable to the EM-200?

Any informed views out there?

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I've owned all of these mounts (AP 400, 600; EM-200) and I would say the 600
is closer to the 200. I also own a 5" APO (Tak FC-125), and the 600 GOTO was
really needed for it. I think you could go casual visual observing with the
5" APOs on the AP 400, but you would be pushing it. A 4" is really at home
on the AP 400, or Tak EM-10. A 5" is really at home on the AP 600, or

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