Defective CP4 control box


After several nights of failed troubleshooting I have contended that my CP4 control box is defective. My Keypad controller was not working with it, the East and West RA slew would always stick and stall. AP received it last Wednesday but nobody has contacted me about it since. Now I believe it may have been the CP4 all along that was the problem is it has many issues. I have tried to run the 1100 with SkySafari and Luminos and both were very problematic. The WIFI connection would constantly drop connections. It would require cycling the mount's power supply battery to make the WIFI appear again only to lose the connection after a few minutes. The centering slew commands are very unresponsive on both apps and no less that four times I have to yank the power cable in a panic because of runaway slews that could not be stopped. ASCOM does not work at all on USB. I tried literally ever COM port available only to get mount not found error messages. So can someone at Astro-Physics please contact me ASAP on how to rectify this problem.


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