Re: Any special trick to not cross-thread AP1100 counter weight bar

John A. Sillasen

That's funny,  Peter. As soon as I read George's post, I sent him  a direct email asking the very same question.  I, too, have a first run build, S/N# 0009. I did upgrade to the GTO-CP4 & while I had the A-P Portable Pier, which I still  have,  I upgraded to the ATS Portable Pier.

Since I travel regularly with my Mach 1 on an Eagle Pier, I can afford to be without my 1100's CounterWeight shaft for an alteration or upgrade of some kind.

Here's hoping one of us gets a positive reply.  I'd much prefer not to muck up the threads on either side.  Since I keep my 1100 as a single unit in a huge  SKB travel or should I say, transportable case, I don't have the option of setting up one half to thread in a shaft. Well, let should say, I really don't want to have to pull the halves apart just to do that.

I made a big enough mistake not getting the thicker CounterWeight shaft and its larger hole CounterWeights.  Each mount has it's own dedicated set of counterweights!  I even got a pair of the new weight Mach 1 counterweights.  I don't want to retrofit everything after all that!

John A. Sillasen

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