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Ron Wodaski <ronw@...>

I've owned all of these mounts (AP 400, 600; EM-200) and I would say the 600
is closer to the 200. I also own a 5" APO (Tak FC-125), and the 600 GOTO was
really needed for it. I think you could go casual visual observing with the
5" APOs on the AP 400, but you would be pushing it. A 4" is really at home
on the AP 400, or Tak EM-10. A 5" is really at home on the AP 600, or

Ron Wodaski

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I have the opportunity to purchase an A-P 400gto, and I am wondering how
stable it is as compared to a Takahashi EM-200. Although I hope eventually
to acquire a 130 Starmaster, if my number ever comes up, I am also thinking
about a Takahashi FS128 or perhaps even a CN-212 both of which Takahashi
recommends be used with the EM-200. I am interested only in visual not
photographic use.

Perhaps the 600gto is more directly comparable to the EM-200?

Any informed views out there?

-- Eric Cafritz

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