Re: Planewave CDK 12.5 on New Mach1?

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You’re not paying attention. Do a search on “moment-arm” in this group and you’ll find many comments by Roland explaining it. I think he even briefly commented on moment-arm last week.

In brief, it’s important and significant for guiding, but not important for non-guided visual observing or even non-guided imaging.

You need to go back and read Roland’s comments and explanations. He does a good job of explaining how and why it “can” be important.

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With the moment arm information, it's clear to me I need to order a
couple more weights so I can move them up closer to the mount instead of
sliding the minimal weights I do have closer to the end to achieve balance.
Why? What's the problem with weights out on the shaft?

I always assumed it's OK if the manufacturer made the shaft that long. No?


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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