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I'd call that experiment a SUCCESS! Nice one Bill!

On Mon, 18 Feb 2019 at 23:20, Bill Long bill@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

Hello Astro Friends,

I come to you with another image tonight. Unfortunately its not the best image in terms of total exposure time on the target, but it is fairly good in terms of overall star quality. 

While testing the new APPM tracking model, I decided to point my scope to M82 and fire away, at a very tight image scale of 0.56"/px. Seeing in the PNW during winter, does not support that very well, although that did not deter me from trying it out. I took one hour per channel of RGB, and used a synthetic Lum to process this image. The individual frames were 120 seconds each. 

The goal here was to test out the unguided capability of APPM with a 10" Newt scope, at a hard scale for it to accomplish and I think it worked incredibly well. I was fairly heavy handed in terms of the processing here, but the data is shared here in the event that folks are interested in seeing the stacks before the processing.

The unprocessed data had the following characteristics:

R Master - 2.45"/px FWHM, 0.34 Eccentricity 
G Master - 2.34"/px FWHM, 0.24 Eccentricity
B Master - 2.43"/px FWHM, 0.31 Eccentricity

It is also worth noting that this test did not have the Newtownian refocused after the run was started at all. I was curious how well the ONTC Newt would hold focus in low temperatures, over the extent of the night. I am pleased to report that focus was never an issue, and the ONTC was able to hold a good focus point over the course of the night, with no issues. I should also note that the scope, looked like it was a star in the movie Ice Age, afterwards. While I did not find any icicles on the scope itself, I did find a lot of frost and frozen bits. Both mirrors were fine though, and I did not use any Dew Heaters for this project. 

Overall this was quite fun to do, and the data seems to support that it was a success. I just wish that I had more of it, and I also wish I had queued up some HA frames to help the center of the cigar pop a little more. Oh well, maybe next time

Technical Details:

Mount: AP1100 GTO CP4
Scope: TS ONTC 10" F4 Newt
Corrector: TeleVue Paracorr II 
Camera: QSI6120-WSG8
Guiding: None
Polar Alignment: PEMPro 3
Tracking: APPM  / APCC Pro


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