Re: Inconsistent results with APPM Tracking Model

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Ray,
    You wrote:
“Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperating. I haven't been able to test much with the unusually rainy and cloudy weather my area has had this winter. “
    I don’t understand the problem – I thought you could use just about any remote observatory, (as a guest), to run APCC BETA tests. One such (company) site  might be in Hawaii – or  another in Chile. While we don’t want to risk “burning you out” by adding to your already far too highly intensive workload, at least a couple of worldwide east/west remotes might offer more daily, (or daytime),  opportunities and ease your test schedule.
    We all very much appreciate the work you do for us, and for your dedication to improving this hobby with your products, your skills & knowledge.
Joe Z.

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