Re: Neglected AP1600 mount

John Shutz

I posed the same question regarding my 900GTO.  The original owner bought it new in 2010-11 and it never saw first light.  He sold it to me a couple years back and the mount's status remains unchanged, except I replaced the chip and keypad battery and slewed the OTA around as a test, otherwise it has been sitting for 8 to 9 years.  When I bought the mount I was trying to resolve issues with another mount and promised to myself I wouldn't sell it until a couple things were ironed out.  It took a couple trips back to the factory and tons of testing, but at this time I feel pretty confident the mount is performing up to spec and hopefully I can soon start the learning curve with the 900GTO.  One thing I have learned so far, the AP mount requires a lot more effort, whereas my previous four mounts were relatively simple to set up and first light was achieved the day I took delivery of them. 

Sorry to sidetrack, but I never got an answer to my same question so I just might email George and follow his recommendation. My gut tells me everything should be OK with the internals, no chance for the grease to collect grit or shavings being unused assuming the grease doesn't have a shelf life we are unaware of.   

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