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Tyrel Smith

I was recently considering this as well.. I have an ‘07 Mach1 that had the CP3 with its original L chip. In the end I decided I didn’t need some of the CP4 functions like WiFi and Ethernet, and elected to do as Bill mentioned and upgraded my CP3 to the V2 chip. I used the money saved to purchase APCC Pro so I could do pointing models. Happy with the decision so far.

If I didn’t already have a hand controller I might have further considered the CP4 so I could use my phone or iPad to run the mount from planetarium software for visual use.

Ty Smith

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Very interested in this thread as I have an AP900 with CP2 and have been seriously considering the upgrade to CP4.


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You can upgrade the chip in your CP3 (if you dont have the V2 chip that is) and that would allow you to use APCC Pro, which has a very good pointing and tracking correction model in it. Similarly, you can use PEMPro (which should have come with the mount) to record a fresh PE curve, which should help as well.

While I do have CP4 on my 1100, I think a fresh well-made curve and using APCC/APPM to build a model (it doesnt take that long to do) would be the first places I would look to improve performance at.

CP4 does have its benefits though. For the purpose you stated, I think the two things I mentioned here would be cost effective to do. The chip is like $80, and APCC Pro is $500, but would of course work with any AP mounts and a CP4 box as well.

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I have an Astro Physics GTO 1100 fitted with the CP3. I have been reading about the CP4 and got myself in a twist. 

I would like to know if I would get better tracking and auto guiding if I installed the CP4 to my mount.

Thank you 



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