Re: Lubricating 900GTO

Joe Zeglinski

Definitely agree with Mike.
    I kept my AP-900 atop its G11-HD tripod, often with a Questar-7 on top, right next to the bookcase in the family room, so that it was a quick take down for travel to the backyard spot, whenever the mood hit me. Certainly was the proudest item in my house, besides myself. Don’t know why some wives might not get that – Marj excluded of course :-)
    Any AP mount is  a work of ART ... not just of genius. Tell her it is the “Faberge prize and pride of astronomical instruments”, even when it stands proudly at rest, in the room.
    With proper enlightenment, she may even want to show it off to her friends at high tea more often. I always did, whenever guests came. But maybe she would even be embarrassed for her friends, if a Rolles Royce or Bentley were taking up parking space in the driveway.
    Think of an AP instrument,  mechanical or optical,  as ... discerning ... when you care enough to get ONLY ... the very best.
Joe Z.

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