AP1200 won't connect to the computer after computer reboot


Hello all,

I have 2 set ups in a remote observatory - one using an AP900 and the other using an AP1200. While the AP900 set up is not having any issues connecting to the computer and such, I do have issues connecting the AP1200 to the computer specifically after a computer reboot. Every time I reboot the computer, I have to ask someone at the observatory to unplug the USB cable from the computer and plug it back in. Once that is done, the mount will connect and function as expected. Now, I do realize that both mounts  are connected to separate computers, so this has to be a computer specific issue. Here's the topology of how the mount is connected to the computer - 

From the mount, A DB9 straight through cable is used to connect to a FTDI chipset USB cable which then goes to the computer. Not going through a USB hub, so this is not a USB hub issue as well.

Last night, I reset some of the power settings for the computer after reading this particular article - however, that does not seem to have worked as well (I haven't looked at the UEFI settings given that I am remote, so if this is truly a power settings, issue, that would be what is causing it). 

Other things to note - I am using APCC Pro/AP V2 driver to connect the mount. The computer is running Windows 10 Pro and is an Asus K55 laptop. I am plugged in to a USB3.0 port on the computer. APCC Pro is creating a virtual port for me, but I believe it is physically connected through "com port 3" - not sure if that matters, but still. Lastly, I have always had this issue - since day 1, but I have somehow managed to make this work by ensuring I am not rebooting my PC unnecessarily.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Do please ask for any other information that I may have missed. 



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