Re: Wirless Microphone... HELP!

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Hello Everyone and Paul,
I want to conduct this summer as Microphone test survey. which is the
best both wired and not wired ie: wireless. I have not had that much
feedback from my user base about wireless mikes, so I could not really rate
them now.

As to the R.S wireless, I have had reports from users who have tired it,
but to deep. I have had reports of users using the sure wireless, this is a
much more expensive one, and reports are it works great. I am not fully
confident with the sensitivity of the R.S model. Also when compairing mikes
the speed of the given computer, plus the sound card chip set in use on the
laptop can make a lot of difference in the performance of the given mike. On
some systems because of the input voltage the sound card requires, can
drastically change the results of how good a given mike is for a given

I will try and get some results, I am planning a general email to all DSV
users soon.

One, to annouce some info concering my Version 3.x (why the next beta is
late) this is due to alot of things, one my life is very busy right now, I
just got engaged and have been tied up with my 'other my career'
and that has taken some valuable time away from finnishing the next beta. It
has to be VERY strong because I only really want one more beta....more on
this in the general email.

Well, look for the survey on mikes, and the general email coming soon....


- Charles Sinsofsky
Author: DigitalSky Voice
email: strfire@...

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Subject: [ap-gto] Wirless Microphone... HELP!

My apologies for posting this to both the AP-UG and AP-GTO sites, but
the GTO site seems to get far less traffic and I wanted to ensure a

I picked up a Radio Shack FM Wireless Microphone System (#32-1221B),
as it seemed to meet the requirements for DSV and was capable of
being driven by my DC source, but some key phrases (ie: Constellation
Ursa Major/Ursa Minor etc.) are all but unrecognized. This has me
wondering if I should just return it and look for a better system (or
microphone... I was planning to replace the small lapel mike with a
headset one if this system is otherwise okay). Herein lies my problem:

I checked out the DSV site, and it does list many mikes/systems, but
does not rank the relative success of them with the system or the
ease of integrating them for outdoor portability... I want a receiver
that does not require additional inverters,converters, or adapters to
allow it to run from my big-bad 12VDC source.

Oh yeah... the Radio Shack sytem does work with the vast majority of
phrases, but the 10% (or so) that it does not work with, makes for a
very frustrating experience!

Thanks for any insights on this.


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