Re: AP driver - telescope pointing problem

Gregg Ruppel

No APCC.  CPO3  Q firmware.

I’ll have a look at the log...


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Hi Gregg,

Are you using APCC or any other software?

What version of firmware and control box?

Have you tried searching your driver log files for "Park"? If the mount is being sent a command to park the mount it should be in the log file.

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> Hi
> I have run into an unusual problem. I use MaximDL for image
> acquisition; it has a telescope pointing function which allows the user
> to take an image and then point to a specific location to center (slew)
> the scope there. This function has stopped working, and when I try to
> use it the scope parks itself at my custom Alt/Az location. The same
> thing happens when I try to calibrate the pointing function - the scope
> parks. The folks at Maxim have not been able to come up with a
> solution, but there seems to be some miscommunication between the
> mount/driver and Maxim.
> My mount is an AP900 running the latest version of the AP driver - v5.20.08
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> Clear skies,
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