Wirless Microphone... HELP!

Paul Hyndman <pghyndman@...>

My apologies for posting this to both the AP-UG and AP-GTO sites, but
the GTO site seems to get far less traffic and I wanted to ensure a

I picked up a Radio Shack FM Wireless Microphone System (#32-1221B),
as it seemed to meet the requirements for DSV and was capable of
being driven by my DC source, but some key phrases (ie: Constellation
Ursa Major/Ursa Minor etc.) are all but unrecognized. This has me
wondering if I should just return it and look for a better system (or
microphone... I was planning to replace the small lapel mike with a
headset one if this system is otherwise okay). Herein lies my problem:

I checked out the DSV site, and it does list many mikes/systems, but
does not rank the relative success of them with the system or the
ease of integrating them for outdoor portability... I want a receiver
that does not require additional inverters,converters, or adapters to
allow it to run from my big-bad 12VDC source.

Oh yeah... the Radio Shack sytem does work with the vast majority of
phrases, but the 10% (or so) that it does not work with, makes for a
very frustrating experience!

Thanks for any insights on this.


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