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Really nicely done Bill!


On Sat, 8 Dec 2018 at 00:32, Bill Long bill@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

Hello Astronuts (as Roland likes to say),

I return to you with another image taken with my trusty AP130 GTX and AP1100 Mount. While working on another project, I had a small window of time I could send the scope to collect data to kill off the night without being empty handed, due to my main object going behind trees at about 2am. So, I decided to snag small chunks of data of the Jellyfish Nebula and see what I could cobble together in terms of an integration. While not APOD worthy, this data came out fairly good considering I image from the harsh Pacific Northwest, and winter time is not our friend (usually). For this work I was doing I set up my AP1100 with a APCC Pro/APPM pointing model. in the process I discovered (with Ray's help) that there was an issue with the CP4 V10 firmware and the new APPM, so I upgraded to the V11 CP4 firmware, which worked wonderfully. If you are reading this, and use APPM, be sure to pop in the latest firmware so you dont end up with :#M_S killing your mojo on you. 😉 

Here is the data:

The total integration time is only 8 hours. To really get this to shine, I would probably need 24 hours, or at least more OIII. I took this using an FLI ML16200 camera, AP Quad TCC, and kept the objective dew and frost free with the Kendricks DigiFire 12 system, which is awesome! Not only does it have two very accurate sensors on it, it can power my focuser (MoonLite NiteCrawler) for me, without the need to run extra cables through the mount. I am also considering powering my camera from the other 12v port. We'll see.

Anyhow I hope you all enjoy the image here. 

Bonus points if anyone can help determine what the PN looking object in the cloud of IC444 is. Its in the upper left portion of the image, and shows up in all of my frames, and all of the other data (including a few APOD's) I have looked at. I tried using some lookup tools to figure it out, and came up empty. 

Happy Holidays!


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