Re: Bright supernova SN 2018ivc in Messier 77

Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>

VERY cool Terry!


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I think the links where not correct.

Sorry,  Try these.


I have been imaging this galaxy over the past month.  I don’t have a complete data set, so the image quality is not the best.  But, there is a gem in there.  On the 24 November 2018, a type II Supernova has just been spotted fairly close the nucleus of M77.  I have two images. The first frame was taken on the 12th of November 2018, and the second on the 28th of November 2018.

 It’s very interesting when you go through your data stack and find these gems.  The image was taken with a 10 RCOS, with a SBIG STL 11000 on an AP-900 mount.   The dark lines in the third frame show the location of the event.


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