Re: Daylight Savings Time


That procedure is probably not correct.

You must learn additional rules if you plan to us both the keypad and PC.
If these additional rules are not followed then the next goto may dive into the pier.

If you plan to use the PC, leave keypad in EXT ( or remove keypad completely) and initialize mount with PC.

I would worry about the keypad and PC time being 1 hour apart for 6 months of the year (15 degrees in RA)

Here is a common mistake made when bouncing back and forth between keypad and PC.
Goto some star with PC
Centering star with keypad is okay.
Do not ReCal with keypad or next goto may dive into the pier.

The keypad will assign it's last known RA and Dec to that goto star location from PC.
They are not the same Park location or object in the sky.
The mount is now lost and the next goto may drive into the pier.


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