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Thanks Ray,
    That all makes good sense.
    I also checked the speed of the CP4 WIFI, about 3 feet away from the laptop’s external USB antenna, and I see the CP4 reception is 65 Mpbs compared to the 300 Mbps my ASUS USB-AC65 antenna connects to the laptop with.
The CP4 must be very busy processing servo and APCC control panel tasks, or its WIFI has a lower priority communicating with the laptop.
    Doesn’t matter – the CP4 and APCC combination is a jewel !
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Hi Joe,

>     Just noticed a strange thing when I use the “E-NET POLL”  utility,  offered in the CP4 user guide. As soon as I
> close this program’s response box, it triggers an APCC shutdown sequence.

That's the way APCC is designed to work if you have the option to shutdown APCC enabled when the last connection to APCC closes.

If you had two ASCOM client applications connected through the driver then shutting down one of them (e.g. the poll utility) would not shut down APCC. Also, if you turn off the option to auto-shutdown then APCC would not shut down either.

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