Joe Zeglinski

Hi Ray,
    Just noticed a strange thing when I use the “E-NET POLL”  utility,  offered in the CP4 user guide. As soon as I close this program’s response box, it triggers an APCC shutdown sequence.
Of course, I also then get the pop-up option to abort the triggered shutdown, but I wondered why this utility needs to disconnect its discovered (reported)  APCC Ethernet & WIFI ports. That’s kind of a bother, though not critical.
    As a postscript to my earlier post, perhaps this would be a good utility to have more easily accessible from/on the APCC control panel or menu bar. It is well written by providing not only both the required Ethernet and WIFI mount IP addresses but also the option to launch the GTOCP4 Main Webpage and its settings. Slightly quicker since it saves having to launch a browser  just to get this info.
Joe Z.

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