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Steve Reilly

One more point. I do have my repaired CP4 but have not installed yet and will wait until I have built and installed a protective cover to assist in weather protection. I need to extend the “Y” cable as well due to the location of where I intend to mount the CP4. Hence using the CP3.




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A bit more info, I did try to reinstall the APCC Pro program and had the same results. Biggest issue is although the program generates a error message to send to AP it doesn’t give us any information what’s being sent so we can try to troubleshoot on this end. I went out and checked all cables, power, and so on without any problems found. I did get the system running by eliminating APCC from APC’s operation by changing the telescope ASCOM driver configured directly to the COM port used. This is with an older CP3 controller and a serial cable. After configuring the driver I was able to connect to ACP and get Scheduler to run normally. The mystery is why all of a sudden APCC throughs an exception. No new software has been installed, this is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and now updates have been done lately while the system ran just fine last night for some hours before weather shut me down. The computer, a desktop with real serial ports is housed in the control room out of the weather and has 32 GBs RAM, an up to date Windows 7 version, and was rebooted first before looking any further after the first failed attempt to run APCC. The crash happens as ACP Scheduler starts the startup script for the evening to start, connect, and cool the camera down prior to the actual time to start imaging. The roof is also opened after startup weather permitting. Aside form that as far as I know all is normal and Windows is not set for automatic updates ever. Windows lets me know when and what updates are available and I choose the updates to do and the time to install. System is always rebooted as needed. The computer is rebooted usually once a week after an imaging session but otherwise left running 24/7 with ACP and Scheduler controlling the imaging based on my target list.




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