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It is not a W10 related fiasco.  It has to do with the recently updated software for the cameras.  The 10.7MP is causing the lag in the display.  When I changed to a higher resolution 16MP camera there was no lag.  I will have to alert the camera software programmers of the issue.


BTW, MallinCamSky, the camera control program was utilizing 14.6% of the 16% CPU usage with the 10.7MP camera running.  CPU usage was very low with the 16MP camera using the same camera control software. 


The camera programmers will have to address the memory management issues with the 10.7MP camera.


Thank you for your quick response.


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    Perhaps you got caught in a Win-10 Update, which can take a tremendous amount of time,  especially with small sized memory.


    You may already know about this, but let me repeat anyway. To determine what is going on – if the system is still currently running slow – right click on the task bar (or,  enter CTRL-ALT-DEL), and choose TASK MANAGER. You may need to click on “More Details” option box, to get a tabs oriented display. Then click the “Performance” tab, to see exactly WHAT is tied up – most likely DISK. but may be MEMORY.


    You can then click on the “Processes” tab and on one of the columns headings (like DISK) to sort it high-to low, and see which process/program is causing the most overhead. Check if it happens to be a locked-up APCC, though I doubt that.

If it is not a Win-10 related Update, Search update, or virus scan, etc. you can try to right click the suspected “locked”  process and choose to “End Task”, to see if APCC then returns to normal.




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