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It is most definitely the 10.7MP camera that is causing the problem.  When I hit the direction buttons in APCC, I hear the mount move and after 5+ seconds, the display catches up.  I changed to the 16MP camera and the movement on the screen was instantaneous.  There is something in the memory management in the 10.7 MP camera that is causing the lag.


The programmers for the camera software issued an update on the 18th.  Obviously there is an issue with the coding for this camera.


Thanks for the suggestion.




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Hi Jack,

It sounds like something related to the camera because when you tried moving the mount with the keypad it appeared slow on the monitor but not actually slow through the eyepiece.

If you can be near the telescope while pressing the move buttons try changing the move speed to something faster so you can see/hear the mount move. Then, try pressing the buttons with the camera on to see what kind of delay there is.

If this is a video camera it could be maxing the bandwidth of the cable connection to your computer, or the computer software application is not able to process the video fast enough.

What is the resolution of the camera?

-Ray Gralak
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> I have an AP1600 mount that I purchased in February of 2015. Initially it had the CP3 controller and I purchased
> the GTOCP4 when it became available.
> I purchased APCC (Standard V1.6.0.4 currently installed) and I control the mount via SkyTools using the top
> RS232 port on the CP4 unit.
> I am using the APV2 Driver v5.10.0.2.
> Last night I was using the mount and scope and had no issues with controlling them via SkyTools.
> Today I decided to do some solar, started the mount and APCC, connected to SkyTools and started my
> astronomical camera. I was observing the Sun on the monitor, but noted that there was a 5 to 7 second delay
> between depressing a direction button in APCC and seeing the Sun move on the monitor. The same delay
> occurred if I pressed one of the direction buttons on the AP handbox.
> I took the camera out and installed the eyepiece in the solar scope. Using the AP handbox direction buttons
> resulted in instantaneous movement of the Sun in the eyepiece.
> BTW the computer is a Dell XPS Tower running W10PRO. It has 32GB of RAM and an i7 processor.
> What would cause the delay as seen via computer control - a delay that did not exist last night?
> Should I look at an alternative method of connecting the mount to the computer that will provide better response?
> Yours truly,
> Jack Huerkamp

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