APCC use.....is it worth it?

jon swanson

Hello All,

I would like to first go over how I will be using my equipment and whether this program is 'needed'?  what are the options you most like with it that you think creates the value?

1.  I have a new Mach 1 mount I received a month ago with the hand controller.  I am still piecing components together for my system but received my new laptop today.  My FSQ106 arrived yesterday and I have the Eagle pier as well.  I downloaded the ASCOM and the driver for the mount.  Those are installed.  I also will be using Maxim DL Pro and am downloading it shortly.  I will not be remote but imaging on my back patio as I live in a dark sky site in AZ.  So there is zero need for that for me.

2.  Is there anything I will miss not having ASCOM?  Is there another program I might need?  I don't think PemPro is necessary at this time.  But you can feel free to talk me into it.



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