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I just like it better. I usually manually position the mount to Park 3, load equipment, position to Park 5 and go from there.

When I was using Park 4, after loading equipment in Park 3 and then position to Park 4, sometimes I would rotate Dec axis in one direction and other times to opposite direction to point the scope to south, the cables inside the mount can get twisted and recently they were twisted so I had to untwist them.

Using Park 5 from Park 3, it's easy to rotate Dec axis in only one direction to point scope to North because rotating Dec axis to opposite direction to point the scope to North is much longer so it's obvious to rotate Dec axis much shorter direction and avoid cables get twisted inside the mount. I hope I am making it clear.

It's mainly a personal preference and easy not to get cables twisted inside the mount from Park 3 to Park 5.


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What is the advantage? 

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Just wanted to say that Park 5 works well. Will use this park position from now on.

Thanks Ray.


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Hello all,

Here is new beta version of the AP V2 ASCOM driver. If you see any problems please report them here or to me via private email.

Changes since v5.20.02:

V5.20.04 - 2018-Oct-01 Beta - Ray Gralak
- IMPROVEMENT - Park/Unpark positions will not change because of the new Park 5 position.
- Update documentation for various features, including Time synchronization options.
- Change wording of sync time during initialization.
- BUG FIX - Change RA/DEC AxisRates from 0-5, to -5-5 degrees/sec.

V5.20.03 - 2018-Sep-24 Beta - Ray Gralak
- NEW FEATURE - Added Park 5
- BUG FIX - Dec MoveAxis was always setting Rate=0
- Removed extra "PEC" label from the Handbox
- When Encoder tracking is enabled on encoder-equipped mounts, disable PEM Enable/Disable buttons, and hide PEM Record button

-Ray Gralak
Author of APCC (Astro-Physics Command Center):
Author of PEMPro V3:
Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:

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