Re: APPM and Astrometry.Net

Karsten Schindler

You could probably do that. For my particular setup, I have to create PNT files myself (which is elaborate and not recommended/officially supported, as the format must be *exactly* correct) as I am having a long focal length, small CCD, and thus an unusually narrow field, not tolerating even relatively "small" pointing errors.

In my work flow, I used to first blind solve images with AN, then improve the WCS header with PinPoint and use the PinPoint solution in my PNT files. But the gain in accuracy of the pointing model after the second refinement was negligable. You totally get away just using the AN solution calculated for --crpix-center.

Aside of commanding AN directly out of APPM, an even more desirable feature for APPM would be to separate image acuisition from plate solving, i.e. to acquire x images at the desired density all sky without taking breaks for solving, and to process them at some later time into a PNT file. That could save quite a lot of valuable observing time at night (and could probably even allow you to fill gaps later on, i.e. replace unusable images due to clouds, moon with images taken a bit later).


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