Re: Setting tracking/slewing rate with The Sky

Yves Laroche

Hi Loke!

Go to Telescope - Option - Terminal and type the following:

:RS0# plus ENTER for 600X
:RS1# plus ENTER for 900X
:RS2# plus ENTER for 1200X

Please see the "Appendix A: RS-232 command language" in the manual for more
informations about other commands.

I hope Software Bisque will introduce those commands in a near future.


"lktanx " wrote:


Does anyone know how to set the tracking rate or slewing rate
from "The Sky 5.00.014" with either an AP1200 GOTO or 900GOTO?

If I were to click on Telescope -> Motion Controls, I can move or
jog the scope at different rates. But without using the hand
controller, how does one change the slew rate to an object. Also how
does one change the tracking rate, when using an autoguider? Thanks.


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