Re: Unpark Mach1

Christopher Erickson

Check your anti-virus software or software firewall settings. It could be blocking communications it doesn't recognize or understand. Could be security settings in your router too.
And NEVER use NetBIOS names to connect to your CP4.  ALWAYS use real IP addresses.
-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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Well, I have the mount working now.  To make sure it was not the Laptop, I installed APCC and ACSOM V2 onto my old(er) laptop.  Same issue - could not connect and Unpark.

So I changed the Connection type from UDP to TCP, and it connected, Unparked, and Tracked.  I let it run for a short while, then Parked and powered off.  I changed the Connection type back to UDP and started again and it worked.

Could it be an issue with UDP having a hiccup?  But there is communication happening - Bytes Received and Bytes Sent go up.  Would it really matter which protocol I use anyway?  There does not seem too be much difference.  I understand the difference in terms of overhead and which is more robust.  

I will run it for a few weeks and see if the issues comes up again.



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