Re: USB (or Serial) vs Ethernet: Which is better or more reliable?

Bill Long

I use Ethernet. I trust a network interface more than USB root hubs and all the OS level trickery.
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Now that Ray Gralak has created a Beta version of A-P V2 ASCOM driver to include Ethernet connection, I am wondering whether it's more worthwhile to switch from USB2 to Ethernet?

Currently, I have a powered USB2 hub velcroed to CP4 and use 35 feet USB active extension cable between laptop and USB2 hub and the outputs of USB hub connect to the following:

1) CP4 (1 foot cable)
2) Optec Focus Boss II auto focuser hub (1 foot cable)
3) QSI 660wsg CCD camera (6 feet cable)
4) Ultrastar auto guider (6 foot cable)

This current setup has worked great and so far no issues or disconnection of any kind.

If I use Ethernet to control CP4 and Optec Focus Boss II auto focuser hub, I will have to velcro a 5 port Ethernet switch to USB hub and use another 35 feet Ethernet cable in between laptop and Ethernet switch. I have personally tested latest A-P V2 ASCOM driver with Ethernet and Ethernet switch and works very well.

My question is, do you trust Ethernet more than USB2 for controlling CP4 as well as Optec Focus Boss II auto focuser hub? I am not interested in high speed transmission because the bandwidth is very low. I have read that more people prefer or trust Ethernet than USB2? Does Ethernet have less overhead in protocol than USB2? Do you think Ethernet is more reliable than USB2? I know one advantage of Ethernet is very long cable can be used like at least a 100 feet but that will never happen to me.



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