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There is a similar box in TSX in case he’s using that. 


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Hello Wolfgang,

If you are using MaximDL you may have the little "Pier Flip" box in the guider window checked, that causes the guider to invert the correction signal. This will cause the guide star to make the wrong direction move and the star will quickly leave the guider box in RA.

It is NOT a defect in the mount. It is a wrong setting in your guider software.

I know this because it happens to me occasionally also.


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Hi everybody,

i use a AP1200 with CP3 system. A few nights ago , i got troubles with the guiding in the RA axis. The guider detects the star and even the calibration works perfect. But when i start guiding, it works for a about 10 sec. and then it seems that the RA axis is not working anymore, the star gets lost.
I also checked the gear adjustment, like it is described in the manual, everything is fine there.
I can move the mount via the GTO keybad, it also works without any problems, with every kind of moving rate (1200-0,5). The cables are free....
The Mount, Guider and CCD is controlled via TheSky X and Camera Add On.

Any idea?



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